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AED Cabinet with Audible Alarm – Aivia 100

The AIVIA 100 is a wall mount cabinet capable of storing any size, any model AED. Constructed with a green ABS plastic chassis with a clear anti-UV polycarbonate cover, AIVIA cabinets are extremely lightweight and durable. The clear cover allows for easy inspection of the AED inside without opening the door. Mounting your AIVIA cabinet could not be easier. The included template allows you to drill holes in the wall to match up with the pre-drill holes in the cabinet chassis. • The AIVIA S is a rugged yet economical solution for storing your AED • Opening the cover automatically triggers an audial and visual alarm. • Flashing White Light for quick access during night time low light. • Made from high-quality ABS and Polycarbonate. • An instructional sticker guides the responder on the use of AED as well as the initial steps when responding to a cardiac emergency.