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S-CUT QE Emergency Cutting tool- ARASCA

S-CUT is an all purpose shear and emergency cutting tool that can quickly remove clothes, boots, seat belt straps, and other tough materials to start lifesaving measures. Compared with scissors and knives the S-CUT’s ensures safety of the user and the patient despite its extreme cutting ability and speed. Originally designed for emergency- ambulance- and rescue teams. S-CUT has now found a place within police- and military correctional- and decontamination personnel Replaces scissors and knives in many occasions Unlike other cutting tools, its design ensures no risk of tearing the users skin or the patient’s skin Cuts faster with just one glide

LESS STRETCHER with retractable handles

LESS is a revolutionary lightweight stretcher system designed to transport the patient from the scene of an accident to ambulance to medical imaging. LESS stretchers have multiple frontline applications and are particularly useful for patient evacuation over difficult terrain. Stackable and easily portable they are ideal for multiple casualties and major incident planning. Thermal Insulation Lightweight & Portable Radio Translucent


The Spencer basket stretcher Shell, has been studied to confront the most difficult of emergency situations. It is ideal for rescue operations in mines, at altitude and in water. Thanks to its robust form, resistance and flexibility of use, it is indispensable anytime that a reliable and safe stretcher is needed. A revolutionary technique has been used in its realization which ensures uniform thickness of the entire length of the stretcher. The shell is in high-density polyethylene and is joined to an aluminum framework that aims to consolidate its strength. The handles for transport, which are part of the structure itself, are placed along the entire perimeter. The grommets for the fixing of the spring catches of the harnessing are in stainless steel. Inside the shell there is a removable mattress, applied with self-adherent strips, made in closed cell EPDM, which makes it impermeable to both blood and water. The use of high-density polyethylene for this shell guarantees not only that it is shatterproof but also an exceptional sanitization. The Spencer Shell can hold a spine board.

Foldable Stretcher with two quick release restraints

Foldable stretcher with ground supports for patient recovery and transfer to a main stretcher or other transport device. Specific features Extremely lightweight and durable structure Very low storage space required Lengthwise foldable Easy to clean sheet The handles offer a firm grip Technical data Length 2010 ± 10 mm Length folded 1000 ± 10 mm Width 480 ± 5 mm Ground clearance 140 ± 5 mm Thickness folded 170 ± 5 mm Materials Al Steel PVC Loading capacity 170 kg Weight 55 ± 03 kg

Carrera S Tec Self-loading Stretcher

Spencer Carrera S Tec is a compact and lightweight self-loading stretcher for transport of patients. It can be used for rescue operations on road and sanitary vehicles. The legs fold independently operating the specific commands and open automatically when unloading.

S-CAPEPLUS® Basic Model + Green Wall Cover

The S-CAPEPLUS Evacuation Mattress allows you to safely evacuate an immobile person during an emergency. It’s incredibly simple to use, which makes this S-CAPEPLUS an effective rescue tool for responders. • The polyester material easily glides over various kind of surfaces. • The body flaps tightly secure the person on the thick foam mattress, which gives protection on the way out. • Going down the stairs is as easy as 1, 2, 3. • The mattress is made with fire retardant material. • Users can save a lot of money compared to traditional evacuation equipment: the S-CAPEPLUS requires far less training and there’s no maintenance contract. • Also, it can be used to evacuate unconscious victims. Features of the Green Wall Cover: • Fire retardant cover to store your evacuation mattress. • Applicable for both the Basic & Premium Model of S-CAPEPLUS. • Complies with fire retardancy test DIN 4102-1 Class B1 & B2. • Dimensions: 100x60x17 cm • Weight: 500 gram • Material: 100% polyester