HydraFlock® Micro Ultrafine Flexible flocked swabs in a range of pack sizes. HydraFlock® is created using a proprietary manufacturing process, HydraFlock’s highly advanced flock swab technology provides the highest absorbency levels available coupled with exceptional release characteristics.
Manufacturer: MWE Medical Wire-UK
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Recommended applications

For recovery of bacterial or viral organisms, rapid diagnostic testing, environmental sampling, food safety testing, forensics, buccal cell collection, DNA testing, nasopharyngeal or urethral specimen collection.


  • The HydraFlock® diagnostic swabs were developed utilising specially created multi-length fibers and a proprietary adhesive to provide the most absorbent flock swab available with superb release of specimens.


  • Designed specifically to yield a higher absorption capacity when compared to the standard flock swabs.
  • HydraFlock® fibers have a unique microstructure which enable rapid absorption and maximum release of biological specimens.