Zeiva Pro UV-C Hammer

Zeiva Pro UV-C hammer comes with eight 30 Watts UV-C tubes, for disinfecting larger areas like Hospitals, schools, offices and much more.
Manufacturer: RT Vision Technologies
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ZeivaPro Hammer is a compact and powerful UV-C disinfection system for sanitizing
offices, airports, railways, hospitals, clinics, waiting rooms, commercial spaces,
large houses and many more areas! ZeivaPro Hammer offers chemical free
sanitization. Offices, places of work and common areas can benefit with better
confidence of working in a virus-free, healthy environment. Since UV-C has certain
adverse effects on humans due to prolonged exposure, therefore it has in-built safety
features such as human detection safety sensors and RF remote. The device
automatically switches off upon detecting human presence and automatically
restarts when there are no humans in the space.