Zeiva Pro UV-C Roomtop

Zeiva Pro UV-C Roomtop comes with two 16Watts UV-C tubes, It has been designed to sanitize your homes, office cabins, kitchen, clinics and much more without the use of harmful chemicals
Manufacturer: RT Vision Technologies
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ZeivaPro Roomtop Lamp is the most cost-effective solution for chemical
free sanitization, which has been designed for making our homes, office
cabins, restaurant and dining tables - bacteria and virus free. It has an
elegant design available in multiple colours, which can seamlessly be
integrated in your existing home and office decor. It can disinfect your
environment without disrupting your day-to-day activities without the use of
harmful chemicals. This handy and portable device can be wirelessly
operated with a RF remote for convenient usage. Advised to be placed on a
table or stool when used.