Zeiva Pro UV-C Universal Killer

Zeiva Pro UV-C Universal killer comes with four 11 Watts UV-C tubes, It comes with a stainless steel mesh ensuring 360º sanitization.
Manufacturer: RT Vision Technologies
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Zeiva Pro UV-C Disinfection Box makes it possible to destroy more than 99%
percent of bacteria and viruses without the use of chemicals, not causing
secondary pollution, thus protecting your family with the innovation. It’s the
easiest way to disinfect packages and products that have exchanged
multiple hands. It reduces the risk of Corona virus and other contaminates
from entering your homes through your shopping items! Zeiva Pro UV-C
Disinfection Box is also certified to be used in hospitals, dental clinics,
salons, and other areas to disinfect tools. It’s an extremely cost effective
solution to ensure safety from all types of bacteria and germs.